Custom jewelry is special – not more expensive. If you like what you see and wish to have a piece of jewelry made just for you, or for someone you care about, please, let me know. It is an extremely rewarding experience when completed. You may contact me with your story and specifications. 

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I offer complimentary custom design consultations by e-mail, phone, and in person.  We can talk about metals, gemstones, styles and budget; we’ll discuss sizes and other parameters around your main conceptions and ideas. I sketch and make proofs (in brass, or 3D-CAD models), combining the stones you love, with the shapes and elements meaningful to you. The story behind what you want to have made is the fuel to my creations. mamies_carnelian_ring_v2Once we settle on an idea, I take time to decant the essentials and pair them with the overall design, requirements, and fabrication. Typically, it may take between four to eight weeks for your piece to be completed. Occasionally, it may take longer depending on complexity and new requirements that, in some cases, may arise. Send me an e-mail, let’s talk !DSC_1726_cring_prot_2

Please, take a look at the Terms & Conditions, to expedite your requests.