From inspiration to fabrication, jewelry is a very personal and meaningful form of art. Jewelry is the first expression of our imagination through human ornamentation. Other than tattoos, which are permanent, and clothing, which was initially more a necessity, one of the main purposes in wearing jewelry is displaying it. It is because the colors and shapes of jewelry help us in the quest for an ideal truth of ourselves wherever we are. Jewelry connects us to a story, to other people, and to the memories shared together when we were wearing it.

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The materials I use

Creating jewelry does not require destroying the planet nor exploiting the workers that extract the metals and gemstones. I use fair trade certified, or recycled metals. The diamonds are those you bring to me from an old piece of jewelry you no longer wear, or that was passed on to you and you’d like to make it more personal. I select and cut all other gemstones from small scale, sustainable sources. The other natural elements I use, I find 0n beaches or in the woods. When I travel, I find that flee markets and old recondite establishments are an incredible source of genuine treasures.



The methods & techniques

Socially conscious, sustainable, and eco-friendly resourcefulness is not only economical but, also, adds an ethical reward to every piece I make. My tools are hand tools. I use water as the only source of heat for my creations (no pollutants, or dangerous gases), and I try to minimize the environmental impact of any product I use in my small workshop.

Shaping and transforming metal by hand is a passion. I would say it’s the reason why jewelry is the medium I use to express myself artistically. To understand strength through flexibility, malleability, and flow goes far beyond jewelry and metals. It is something I try to learn everyday, with every piece I make.

I use synclastic and anticlastic forming, chasing, and repousé. For stone settings, I do cabochon, gipsy, and prong settings; as well as, bead and pavé settings. The enameling techniques I use include cloisonné, champlevé, and plique-à-jour, and I cut and polish semiprecious gemstones to fit my pieces.